I'm digitally capturing the signature. Are there any requirements for this?

When it comes to capturing the signature of your customer digitally on your mobile device, there are some requirements in place when submitting them as part of the transaction. They are mainly in place to protect you in case those signatures are required to resolve a disputed payment.

As a default, you should use the utility and helper functions directly available in the SDK. If you want to optimize this even further, here are the general rules:

  • Converting the image to black/white is OK.
  • Cropping the image is NOT OK. Please always use the complete canvas you use to capture the signature (including texts, images or other elements)
  • Scaling the image down is OK, as long as the shortest side is at least 400px.
  • Converting the image format to JPEG or PNG OK. For PNG use compression level 9, for JPEG a quality of 90%+.


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