Contact your account manager to check if you are eligible for a custom idle screen on your Miura card reader.
After your solution goes live, we can load a custom idle screen that will be shown on the screen of your Miura devices. After we deployed the file to our system, the file will be loaded to a device with the next transaction.
  1. Contact your account manager to activate this feature on the live system.
  2. Download the example BMP file. Choose "download" on the top. Do not right click and select "Save as image."
  3. Apply these specifications to your file:
    • The file must be a monochrome (1-bit) BMP with a white logo on a black background. The image cannot contain any other colors, including greyscale.
    • The file must be 128x48 with at least 2 px margin on each side.
  4. Once you completed your file, send it to your account manager.