Test your Payment Integration

Before your solution can go live, your account manager will take a look at your payment flow and receipts to ensure that everything complies with the rules and regulations set by the acquirer and the card schemes.

To make this step as smooth as possible, this page explains how you can make sure that your solution will pass all tests.

Testing the integration with the Mock mode

Your app needs to display the correct status of a transaction to the merchant and correctly implement signature and identity verification.

You can test the correct integration by using the Mock Mode. In Mock Mode, the SDK does not connect to the card reader nor to the platform, but simulates a transaction workflow.

To use Mock Mode, pass MPProviderModeMock on iOS or  ProviderMode.MOCK  on Android when initializing. Further, change the MPAccessoryFamily to MPAccessoryFamilyMock on iOS or change AccessoryFamily to MOCK on Android. Then just go through each test case by using the amount stated in the test case.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to disable the Mock Mode before you submit the app to the appstores or hand it out to your merchants!

Test Case Description Amount for Mock Mode
CV1 The app must provide a way to electronically capture the Signature of the shopper. Not relevant if receipts are printed. 108.20
CV2 During electronic signature capture, the shopper must have a way to abort the transaction. Not relevant if receipts are printed. 108.20

Testing Receipts

Your solution must send out compliant receipts.

Test Case Description Recommendation
R1 It must be possible to print OR send a receipt to the shopper via email or SMS for approved charges After the transaction has been approved, ask the merchant, whether the shopper wants a receipt. If yes, print the receipt OR ask for the email of the shopper and send out a receipt.
R2 If you support refunds, it must be possible to send out a refund receipt for approved refunds If you support refunds, make sure that it is possbile to send out a shopper receipt after an approved refund.
R3 The receipts must contain all required elements See here to find all required elements and how to get them from the receipt API.
R4 IF the signature is required AND it is not electronically captured THEN the signature line must be shown on the merchant receipt Check whether the signature is required and then make sure you capture it on paper.

Submit your solution for approval

Once you've tested your integration yourself, please drop us an email at support@payworks.com containing:

  • Scans of the custom Customer and Merchant Receipts you have implemented
  • Link to a video showing a payment process from start to finish. It must include the two status lines that your POS system must display throughout the payment process.

We will provide you with an approval shortly or let you know what still needs to be changed.