Test Cards

The Test Card makes it very easy for you to test and demonstrate both contact and contactless payments. Based on the amount provided, the card simulates different payment scenarios, e.g. whether the shopper should be asked for a signature or for a PIN.

If you do not have a test card yet, you can order one from Payworks!

We have a new version of our test card that adds support for the Discover as a scheme along Diners and that now also triggers an approval for amounts >= 1000.00.

You can identify if you have the new version of the card by the application name during application selection. The new card displays Payworks written with an uppercase P.

Standard Scenarios

With an amount of 10.00, the card will request a signature from the shopper and approve the transaction.
With an amount of 40.00, the card will request a PIN from the shopper and approve a contactless transaction.
With an amount of 100.00, the card will decline the transaction.

Advanced Usage

Read below, to understand how the individual digits of the amount provided influence the transaction outcome.

Influencing the Card Behavior

Amount Card Behavior
0xx.00 Authorize Transaction Online and Approve
1xx.00 Immediately Decline Transaction
2xx.00 Decline Transaction after Online Authorization
3xx.00 Blocked Card due to Processing Restrictions
>= 1000.00 Same as 0xx.00, Authorize Transaction Online and Approve (new card version only)

Influencing the Cardholder Verification Method

Amount Requested Cardholder Verification
x0x.00 None (NoCVM)
x1x.00 Signature
x2x.00 Offline PIN
x3x.00 Offline PIN & Signature
x4x.00 Online PIN (Use this option for contactless)

When using Offline PIN as the Cardholder Verification Method, you can also influence the result of the PIN verification, i.e. whether the PIN is deemed correct or not:

Amount PIN Verification Result
xx0.00 PIN verification successful
xx1.00 PIN verification fails for each try