Going Live on Windows

After successfully integrating and testing your solution, you can start processing live transactions with just a few lines of code.

Start by letting us know you are ready to go live and we will set up you up for the Live Gateway Manager.

Once you have the access credentials, here is what you need to do:

Switch from Mock to Live Mode

To use Live Mode, you need to make the following settings:

  • On the PayServer side: in the config.yaml file (located in the server folder), create devices with the correct comlink setting. You can find examples of how to create USB and WiFi card readers in the config-example.yaml located in the same folder. Make sure you delete any Mock devices you might have created for testing purposes;
  • On the client side:
    • For the PayClient implementation: When connecting, pass Environment.LIVE or Environment.LIVE_FIXED, depending on your firewall requirements.
    • For the P3 implementation: In the LOGIN_MERCHANT_REQUEST message, make sure that you set "providerMode": "LIVE" or "providerMode": "LIVE_FIXED", depending on your firewall requirements.
    • Finally, make sure you are using the live devices in your implementation.
For (multi-merchant) solutions storing merchant credentials in their backend: Don't forget to initialize the integration with the appropriate merchantIdentifier/merchantSecretKey pair retrieved from your backend.

Setup your merchant(s)

Create your merchant(s) in the Live Gateway Manager, attach the correct processing path and assign readers to them as described here. Use the newly-created Merchant Identifier and Secret Key credentials to process live transactions.