Backend Integration Overview

This integration is optional

You can integrate your backend system through our APIs. The following features can be built via backend integration:

  • WebHooks: allow you to verify the state of a transaction independently from your application
  • Register transactions: transactions can be initiated from your backend, but need to be executed from your application
  • Query transactions: you can retrieve transaction information using the transaction identifier
  • Refund transactions: you can perform both card present and card not present refunds
  • Issue receipts: merchant and customer receipts, including refund receipts can be issued from the backend as well

Versioning and Backward Compatibility

The API endpoints are versioned via the URL itself. This makes it easy for you to access the right version of the API.

The following changes are considered backward compatible for existing endpoints:

  • Adding new endpoints
  • Adding properties for existing responses
  • Changing the order or properties for existing responses
  • Adding optional parameters for existing requests
Make sure to ignore unknown properties or additional headers when you parse a response or webhook.