API End Points and Authentication

API End Points

All partial URLs in this guide are specified relative to one of these two end points:

This is the test platform. Use it to get started with your integration and to perform test transactions.
This is the production platform. Use it for live transaction processing.


Your backend system needs to authenticate itself to use the platform APIs. You can create the following credentials in the Gateway Manager (see here how):

The apiIdentifier identifies your backend on the platform and is tied to a set of permissions you are allowed to perform on the API. They usually include managing merchants, managing readers, registering transactions and querying transactions.
The apiSecretKey ensures that its really you who is using the apiIdentifier.

For each HTTP request your backend makes to the platform API, make sure to send along the following Authorization HTTP header:


payworks-apiIdentifier apiIdentifier=<API_IDENTIFIER>,apiSecretKey=<API_SECRET_KEY>
You will receive a separate pair of apiIdentifier and apiSecretKey for both the test and the live platform. Make sure to use the right pair depending on whether you want to perform test or live transactions.