API Documentation

The requests that you submit here will be handled in our sandbox.

The response is encoded in JSON. Upon successful completion of a request, the "status" field is set to "ok" while the "data" field contains the actual payload:

  "status": "ok",
  "data": {...}

This wrapping will be applied to all responses. The response classes that are defined in this documentation at each end point, therefore only show the inner, data carrying part.


Your backend needs to authenticate itself to use our APIs. You can create the credentials in the gateway manager (see here):

This identifies your system on our platform and is tied to a set of permissions you are allowed to perform on our API. They usually include boarding of merchants, managing hardware, registering transactions and querying transaction.
This ensures that its really you who is using the apiIdentifier.


You cannot use your credentials for live processing here.

API Endpoints

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